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Anna and Sarah Organic Medjool Dates

Moist and Sweet !

I make vegan ice cream and dates is one of my sweeteners. I lived in California so dates are abundant and luscious there, but after moving to Michigan, I knew I had to find a new source for my dates. The local store had Medjool, but they were dry and usually need to be soaked. These dates are even better from what I remember in California! And they came three days early! I'm going to be a regular consumer of these lovely dates.

RicaAmazon Customer

Anna and Sarah Brazil Nuts


I recently learned that the Brazil nuts can be a healthy addition to my diet. I did lots of research and decided to try this brand. GOOD CHOICE!! It is recommended that you eat 2 a day to reap the health benefits... But I can say IT IS SO HARD to only eat 2!! These taste awesome! I will definitely keep ordering this brand and loving every minute of it!

MckayAmazon Customer

Anna and Sarah Dried Turkish Apricots


I was having trouble picking a brand to buy because I've never ordered dried fruit online. Just bought at store occasionally. SO GLAD I chose this brand because they were EXCELLENT!!! Not overly dry but not too much moisture. It's a BIG bag and they are STILL JUST AS FRESH as the day I opened them weeks later. I HIGHLY recommend! The bag is resealable too. I found it easier to just fold the bag and clip and clip it shut instead of using the re-sealable ziploc style feature the bag has.

I went out of town for quite a while and FROZE THESE IN FREEZER while I was gone. When I got back and let them thaw out WERE STILL JUST AS YUMMY!!!
THESE FREEZE VERY WELL!!! Very handy to know since it's such a large bag!

AngelaAmazon Customer

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Don’t Get Cut Out on Healthy Living

Don’t Get Cut Out on Healthy Living

In the world we live in today where a lot of people are getting obese and sick due to unhealthy eating habits. You can’t help but wonder where did all of the healthy snacks and organic fruits go to.  You are definitely not the only one who thinks that way. The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is today being treated more as a cliché than the truth it actually is, and this has caused more harm than good. Truth is, there is nothing healthier than organic food.
Goji Berry Smoothie

Goji Berry Smoothie

An excellent and refreshing smoothie with a great combination of bananas, frozen berries, and goji berries.