We do care about you. We are here to bring you the best quality and the freshest flavors of the nature into your bag and onto your plate. 

We care about your health. We have been collecting only the natural and untouched tastes, processing them in the best and the most hygienic way without any concern and packaging them by American standards. 

We care about the nature. We have been using the resources of nature in the most effective way for building a sustainable world for our children.


Bringing you the flavors of the world. In a globalized reality where we all live, customers deserve more. Based on this principle, a group of people experienced in international trading, decided in 2004 to create Anna and Sarah in order to make true the vision they had; “Bringing you the flavors of the world” 

The mission of Anna and Sarah is selecting and collecting the best quality, natural and organic Nuts, Fruits, Seeds and Herbs from the farms all around the world, packaging them with a modern technology and bringing you by American standards with their original flavors.


Providing a healthy life for our customers by collecting the freshest tastes and natural flavors with being responsible to our world by building sustainability and make people smile. 

It is amazing what Mother Nature offers us and we are glad to offer these miracles to you.


sustainable future