Dried Fruits and Nuts: Are they good for your health?

Dried Fruits and Nuts: Are they good for your health?

What are the health benefits of dried fruits and nuts?

We are living in a world today that processed food with high content of artificial flavors are consumed more. We are all worried about our future, our health, and our loved ones. Our health is directly related to what we eat and we should take it serious.
What to eat then? It’s always better to choose more natural and organic food to keep our eating clean. And there is a good example of natural food that very nutritious and have many health benefits on our bodies: Dried fruits and nuts.
You might want to ask are dried fruits and nuts really good for our health or not? There are some speculations that they are not that healthy; dried fruits are high in sugar and nuts are high in fat, and they can be harmful. If you are thinking in this way, you are missing very good opportunity to improve your life quality: They’re 100% healthy! Dried fruits are high in dietary fiber which boost our metabolisms. Nuts are high in unsaturated fats which are very essential for our heart and brain. When we have control on our portion sizes, they can be both considered as the most nutritious and delicious snacks for us.
Let’s look closer some of the dried fruits and nuts and see how awesome they are.


Who can reject a slice of fresh pecan pie? Pecans are amazing, not only for being a perfect ingredient of our pie, but also they are #1 friend of our heart. Pecans are very rich in beneficial unsaturated fat, which is very helpful to lower bad cholesterol level in our body, and helpful to prevent heart diseases.
In addition to their heart healthy properties, they are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that good for your bones, skin, hair, immune system, and good against cancer and high blood pressure. They are also helpful on weight loss unless you are careful about your portion sizes.


Dried apricots are great: They are healthy and perfect substitutes of high calorie desserts on your sugar cravings. Naturally, they are high in dietary fiber which makes your digestion very easy.
They’re also energy booster. Apricots are very good source of potassium, even dried ones have higher potassium amount than the fresh ones. The high content of Vitamin A they have improves your immune system, your eyes and your cell growth.


Do you often suffer from headaches? Your natural pain reliever is here: Almonds! They are high in salicin, the natural pain killing material which is also used in aspirin.

Almonds are one of the greatest nuts, they are very nutritious, and helpful to lower LDL and high blood sugar levels, good against heart diseases and high blood pressure, good for weight control such as other nuts. They are also very rich in Vitamin E that helps your skin look beautiful and healthy.


Dates are one of the super foods, they are little nutrition packs. Just like many other dried fruits, they are high in dietary fiber, which makes your digestion easy; and high in natural sugar and potassium so they are energy booster.
They are rich in magnesium, which protects against inflammation and strokes. They are also helpful for pregnant women, consuming dates increase delivery after pregnancy.


Walnuts are rich source of omega-3 and antioxidants, and very beneficial to our bodies. Have you ever thought about their shape? Yes, they seriously look like a brain and they are very good for brain health. In addition, they are very helpful on aging process that they improve brain functions and life quality.
Just like many other nuts, they are also hearth healthy, and good for weight control, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Dried figs are full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. They’re natural source of sugar, high in potassium and this makes them very special food for people who take care about their diets. Their rich fiber content also prevents from constipation.
They are also very helpful to remove excessive estrogen hormones, which could be main problem for many diseases in women (and sometimes even in men).
Please keep in mind!
Dried fruits and nuts are very helpful and have many health benefits, but please be controlled on your portions. Over consuming does not make you healthier, but make you get more calories. And please ask your doctor before consume if you have any food sensitivity or any special health condition.